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Breaking Out of the Box 4th Edition by Kelly Ward and Robin Sakina Mama PDF Download

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Book Description

Practicing what we learn from school in the field is never easy, even for social work students. It requires not only good knowledge but also emotional intelligence. That’s why you should consider yourself reading Breaking Out of the Box 4th Edition, pdf, ebook, epub, kindle, and free download. This book was written by Prof. Kelly Ward and Prof. Robin Sakina Mama. Created by two experts, this book will help you through its direct and experience-based approach. It also motivates the readers to be more optimistic about their careers in the social work.

Compared to the previous edition, this book comes with new features, approaches, and contents. For instance, in this edition, the readers will get a new chapter about emotional intelligence. It’s written specifically based on the authors’ own experiences. Furthermore, this book will also help the readers to use vital social work tools and understand the theory behind them. Breaking Out of the Box 4th Ed even highlights essential subjects such as the importance of individual decision-making and confidence. Social work students will benefit from it as this topic is important for their practice. However, the most interesting thing of the book is the fact that it still maintains its honest approach, just like the previous edition.

This book comprises 348 pages divided into 16 chapters. Each chapter elaborates on different topics. The fifth chapter, for example, talks about building professional relationships. While the eleventh chapter is about intervention planning. Every topic in Breaking Out of the Box Fourth Edition is then explained in a thorough, detailed way with a very interesting approach. This makes the book far from being boring, as it’s very fun to read. By the end of the book, there are an index and 8 lists of appendixes that can help the readers to navigate the book.

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Breaking Out of the Box 4e is published by the very famous Oxford University Press. It’s definitely a credible material worth buying. If you want to get this book, you can purchase it both from the usual bookstores or online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, or Abebooks. The price is 41 dollars for the new paperback version, and $24 for the second-hand one. The e-book is $45, and renting the book is also available at a price of around $38. Some sites even provide a free PDF file to be downloaded, though it’s hard to find. Eventually, with all its quality, you shouldn’t be hesitant to get Breaking Out of the Box: : Adventure-Based Field Instruction 4th Edition.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 2 Teamwork: Your Supervisor and You
Chapter 3 Are you people smart?
Chapter 4 Developing the Professional Persona
Chapter 5 Building Professional Relationships
Chapter 6 Expectations and Stereotypes
Chapter 7 Communication: Building Bridges, Not Walls
Chapter 8 Insight into Your Clients’ Perceptions
Chapter 9 Put It in Writing!
Chapter 10 Pick a Theory, Any Theory
Chapter 11 Intervention Planning
Chapter 12 Working Together as a Team
Chapter 13 Boundaries: The Invisible Lines of Trust
Chapter 14 Difficult Issues and Difficult Situations
Chapter 15 Self-Evaluation
Chapter 16 Termination and Evaluation of Client Progress

Appendix A: National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics 2018
Appendix B: Canadian Code of Ethics 2005
Appendix C: Canadian Guidelines for Ethical Practice 2005
Appendix D: Safety and Health Checklist for Home Visits
Appendix E: UNDeclaration of Human Rights
Appendix F: Biopsychosocial Form
Appendix G: Genogram
Appendix H: Process Recording for Individuals and/or Families


Who Is Author Book?

Above we have conveyed who the author of this book is. This book is the result of those named Prof. Kelly Ward and Prof. Robin Sakina Mama.

You can find more complete information about who the author of this book is by searching the internet page. Or you can go to the house and where they teach where the campus is.

If you have additional information about the author, please write it in the comments column that we provide below.

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Product Details

  •  ISBN-13: 9780190095307
  •  Publisher:   Oxford University Press
  •  Publication date: 12/04/2019
  •  Edition description: 4th ed.
  •  Pages: 368
  •  Sales rank: 997,136
  •  Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 6.10(h) x 0.80(d)

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Where to Buy Books

Many publishers have distributed this book written by Kelly Ward   and Robin Sakina Mama to bookstores and marketplaces.

This is what makes you able to buy it on Amazon, eBay and Vitalsource. In addition to the three bookstores, they are also sold in other stores.

Payment can be made by money transfer and pay when the book order arrives at your home.

Download Link

Some of the resources that can be used to find free book download links include websites such as Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, and ManyBooks. However, keep in mind that downloading a copyrighted book without permission from the author or publisher may be considered unlawful.

There are several formats that can be downloaded for ebooks. Some of the most common include:

PDF (Portable Document Format): This is the most widely used format for digital books. PDF books can be opened using a PDF reader application like Adobe Acrobat Reader.

EPUB (Electronic Publication): This is a format used for e-books that can be used on various devices such as tablets, smartphones, and e-book readers. It can be opened using e-book reading applications such as iBooks or Calibre.

MOBI (Mobipocket): This is a format that is often used for e-books that can be read on a Kindle device from Amazon.

AZW3 (Amazon KF8): This format is used for books that are read on Kindle apps, but with a better display than AZW.

FB2 (FictionBook 2.0): An open format for e-books that can be opened with various e-book reading applications.

In addition to the formats mentioned above, there are also other formats that are used for digital books such as TXT, HTML, and RTF.

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However in general reading this Breaking Out of the Box 4th Edition book can have a lot of benefits including:

Improving cognitive function: Reading stimulates the brain, helping to improve memory, concentration, and critical thinking skills.

Expanding vocabulary and knowledge: By reading, you are exposed to new words, ideas, and perspectives that can increase your general knowledge and improve your vocabulary.

Stress reduction: Reading can be a great way to relax and unwind, taking your mind off of the stressors of everyday life.

Enhancing empathy: By reading about the experiences of others, you can gain a greater understanding and appreciation of different perspectives, which can improve your ability to relate to and connect with other people.

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Improving overall quality of life: Reading can also lead to better sleep, improved mood and overall enjoyment of life.

It’s depend on the book you read, that have a specific benefit related to the topic.


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