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In the business world, there is what is called the term business law. The relationship between business and the law is that any business activity must be limited by certain laws or regulations in order to control the course of business activities in a country.

Likewise with personal use. There are rules of law that regulate his rights and obligations. The goal is so that everyone does not make mistakes in doing things. Because if it is wrong, the impact will not only be on yourself, but also on the surrounding environment.

To find out more about the laws for business and personal use, we will inform you of a must-read book.

Book Description

The book is titled Law For Business and Personal Use 19th Edition, pdf, ebook, epub, and free download written by John E. Adamson and Amanda Morrison. It is desirable that after reading it, a business person understands the rights and obligations in his business activities.

This book can also be used as a source of useful and informative information for every business person.

Furthermore, the impact of this book is the creation of business behaviors and attitudes or activities that run honestly, fairly, dynamically, healthily, and fairly because there has been legal certainty.

The book published by Cengage Learning also discusses personal issues in a complete and easy-to-understand manner.

With a total of 688 pages, the book is available in hardcover, paperback and digital formats. Since 2011, this book has been widely purchased by students.

When compared with the previous edition, many new things in this Law For Business And Personal Use 19e PDF are adapted to the times in the business world.

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Table of Contents


About the Authors

Mock Trial Consultant


Inside the Student Edition

How to Study the Textbook

How to Analyze Legal Situations

How to Read Case Citations

Real-World Cases

How to Analyze Ethical Situations

Review and Assessment

Special Features


Mock Trial Competitions

Legal Advice

Unit 1: Law, Justice, and You

Planning a Career in Law: E-Discovery Professional

Ch 1: Laws and Their Ethical Foundation

1-1: Laws and Legal Systems

1-2: Types of Laws

1-3: Ethical Bases for Laws

Chapter 1: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: 2 Live Crew Raps Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman”

Ch 2: Constitutional Rights

2-1: Foundations of the U.S. Constitution

2-2: Division and Balance of Governmental Powers

2-3: The Internet and Constitutional Rights

Chapter 2: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: Seinfeld’s “George” a Plagiarization?

Ch 3: Court Systems

3-1: Forms of Dispute Resolution

3-2: The Federal Court System

3-3: State Court Systems

Chapter 3: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Texas v. Johnson

Ch 4: Criminal Law and Procedure

4-1: Criminal Law

4-2: Criminal Procedure

Chapter 4: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: Criminal Intrusion or Protected Freedom?

Ch 5: Civil Law and Procedure

5-1: Private Injuries v. Public Offenses

5-2: Intentional Torts, Negligence, and Strict Liability

5-3: Civil Procedure

Chapter 5: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: As The Wheel of Fortune Turns

Entrepreneurs and the Law: Project 1: Law, Justice, and You

Community Action: Get Out the Vote

Winning Edge: FBLA Emerging Business Issues

Mock Trial Prep: Concepts of Advocacy

Unit 2: Contract Law

Planning a Career in Law: Building Contractor

Ch 6: Offer and Acceptance

6-1: Creation of Offers

6-2: Termination of Offers

6-3: Acceptances

Chapter 6: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: Put Me In Coach

Ch 7: Genuineness of Assent

7-1: Duress and Undue Influence

7-2: Mistake, Misrepresentation, and Fraud

Chapter 7: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Noble v. Smith

Ch 8: Consideration

8-1: Types of Consideration

8-2: Questionable Consideration

8-3: When Consideration Is Not Required

Chapter 8: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: Downhill Racer Hits Buffaloes

Ch 9: Legal Capacity to Contract

9-1: Contractual Capacity of Individuals and Organizations

9-2: Limits on the Rights of Those Without Capacity

Chapter 9: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: Home and Really Alone

Ch 10: Legal Purpose and Proper Form

10-1: Illegal Agreements

10-2: The Statute of Frauds

Chapter 10: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: Hollywood Handshakes

Ch 11: Contractual Obligations and Their Enforcement

11-1: Transfer and Discharge of Obligations

11-2: Remedies for Breach of Contract

Chapter 11: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: Freedom Isn’t Free

Ch 12: Contractual Aspects of Marriage and Divorce

12-1: Marriage and the Law of Contracts

12-2: Divorce and the Law of Contracts

Chapter 12: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Ivana Trump v. Donald J. Trump

Entrepreneurs and the Law: Project 2: Contract Law

Community Action: Positive Peer Pressure

Winning Edge: FBLA Business Ethics

Mock Trial Prep: Case Scenario

Unit 3: The Law of Sales

Planning a Career in Law: Consumer Advocate

Ch 13: Sales Contracts

13-1: Sales

13-2: Special Rules for Sales Contracts

Chapter 13: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Advent Systems, Ltd., v. Unisys Corporation

Ch 14: Ownership and Risk of Loss in Sales

14-1: Transfer of Ownership

14-2: Risk of Loss and Insurable Interest in Sales

Chapter 14: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Prewitt v. Numismatic Funding Corporation

Ch 15: Consumer Protection

15-1: Protection Through Governmental Action

15-2: Protection Through Action by the Consumer

Chapter 15: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Blevins v. Cushman Motors

Entrepreneurs and the Law: Project 3: The Law of Sales and Consumer Protection

Community Action: Become a Consumer Activist

Winning Edge: Business Law Team Decision-Making

Mock Trial Prep: Case Law: Search and Seizure

Unit 4: Property Law

Planning a Career in Law: Environmental Lawyer

Ch 16: Property and Its Acquisition

16-1: Types of Property

16-2: How Property Is Acquired and Held

Chapter 16: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Marcus v. Rowley

Ch 17: Bailments

17-1: Bailments

17-2: Bailor and Bailee Duties

Chapter 17: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Numismatic Enterprise v. Hyatt Corp.

Ch 18: Ownership and Leasing of Real Property

18-1: Ownership and Transfer of Real Property

18-2: Leasing Real Property

Chapter 18: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Cherberg v. Joshua Green Corporation, et al.

Ch 19: Insurance Law

19-1: Insurance Fundamentals

19-2: Property and Casualty Insurance

19-3: Life, Health, and Social Insurance

Chapter 19: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Nationwide Mut. Ins. Co. v. Yelverton

Ch 20: Wills, Trusts, and Estates

20-1: Property Distribution Upon Death

20-2: Trusts

Chapter 20: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Morse v. Volz

Entrepreneurs and the Law: Project 4: Property Law

Community Action: Protect Your Environment

Winning Edge: DECA Business Services Marketing Series Event Role Play

Mock Trial Prep: Opening Statements

Unit 5: Agency and Employment Law

Planning a Career in Law: OSHA Inspector

Ch 21: Agency Law

21-1: Creation and Operation of Agencies

21-2: Agency Duties

Chapter 21: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Perkins v. Rich

Ch 22: Employment Law

22-1: Making and Terminating Employment Contracts

22-2: Duties of Employers and Employees

Chapter 22: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: Say It Ain’t So, Jason

Ch 23: Unions and the Employment Relationship

23-1: Establishment of Unions

23-2: Employment Relations in a Unionized Workplace

Chapter 23: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: A Tip of the Old Salary Cap

Ch 24: Discrimination in Employment

24-1: Legal Versus Illegal Discrimination

24-2: Proving Illegal Discrimination

Chapter 24: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: Title IX Takes Wrestlers and Techies to the Mats

Ch 25: Employment-Related Injuries

25-1: Safety on the Job

25-2: Employer’s Liability for Work-Related Injuries

Chapter 25: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: Pro Cornerback Blocked by Workers’ Comp

Entrepreneurs and the Law: Project 5: Agency and Employment Law

Community Action: Homeland Security at School

Winning Edge: BPA Human Resources Management

Mock Trial Prep: Direct and Cross Examination

Unit 6: Legal Forms of Business Organization

Planning a Career in Law: Brand Manager

Ch 26: Forms of Business Organization

26-1: Main Forms of Business Organization

26-2: Creating and Terminating Partnerships

26-3: Operating Partnerships

Chapter 26: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Lenkin v. Beckman

Ch 27: The Law of Corporations

27-1: Founding a Corporation

27-2: Shareholders, Directors, and Officers

27-3: Corporate Powers and Termination

Chapter 27: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: Who Do You Anti-Trust?

Ch 28: Other Business Forms and Environmental Responsibility

28-1: Corporate Small Business Forms

28-2: Corporate Responsibility, Environmental Protection, and Energy Regulation

Chapter 28: Assessment

Sports & Entertainment Law: The Great White “Jaws” Gets Bitten

Entrepreneurs and the Law: Project 6: Legal Forms of Business Organization

Community Action: Ethical Business Conduct

Winning Edge: FBLA Business Plan

Mock Trial Prep: Evidentiary Questions: Objections

Unit 7: Borrowing Money and Paying Bills

Planning a Career in Law: Bankruptcy Paralegal

Ch 29: Commercial Paper

29-1: Basic Types of Commercial Paper

29-2: Specialized Types of Commercial Paper

Chapter 29: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Means v. Clardy

Ch 30: Negotiability and Negotiation of Commercial Paper

30-1: Requirements of Negotiability

30-2: Proper Indorsement and Negotiation

Chapter 30: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation v. Culver

Ch 31: Discharge of Commercial Paper and Electronic Fund Transfers

31-1: Discharge of Commercial Paper

31-2: The Law of Electronic Fund Transfers

Chapter 31: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: Kraemer v. Leber

Ch 32: Secured and Unsecured Credit Transactions

32-1: What Is a Secured Credit Transaction?

32-2: How Are Security Interests Perfected and Terminated?

Chapter 32: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: In Re Holiday Intervals, Inc.

Ch 33: Creditors, Debtors, and Bankruptcy

33-1: Legal Protection of Creditors

33-2: Legal Protection of Debtors and Credit Card Users

33-3: Bankruptcy

Chapter 33: Assessment

Case For Legal Thinking: In Re Baker, U.S. Bankruptcy Court

Appendix A: Constitution of the United States

Article I

Article II

Article III

Article IV

Article V

Article VI

Article VII

Amendment I

Amendment II

Amendment III

Amendment IV

Amendment V

Amendment VI

Amendment VII

Amendment VIII

Amendment IX

Amendment X

Amendment XI

Amendment XII

Amendment XIII

Amendment XIV

Amendment XV

Amendment XVI

Amendment XVII

Amendment XVIII

Amendment XIX

Amendment XX

Amendment XXI

Amendment XXII

Amendment XXIII

Amendment XXIV

Amendment XXV

Amendment XXVI

Amendment XXVII

Appendix B: The Declaration of Independence

Glossary of Legal Terms

Case Index


About of Author

We did not get the complete information as to who the author of this book is. What we know the author is John E. Adamson; Amanda Morrison.

Product Details

Author(s) : John E. Adamson; Amanda Morrison

Publisher : Cengage Learning

Format : Hardcover, Paperback, Digital

Print ISBN : 9780538496902, 0538496908

eText ISBN : 9781133170648, 1133170641

Copyright: 2012

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Buy this Law For Business And Personal Use Pdf at an official place. Many bookstores sell it. The price offered is very affordable.

Some of the marketplaces that sell this book are Amazon, eBay, and Vitalsource. The vitalsource marketplace, it only sells digital books. If you want to buy a print edition, please buy it on Amazon or eBay.

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Many internet users share information about this book, from reviews to access to free downloads. The free download file formats for this book are PDF, eBook, and EPUB.

Not all digital books are free, some are paid. One of them is the Kindle produced by Amazon company.

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Business affairs and personal use are governed by law. To understand it, you have to buy and read this law for business and personal use 19e answer key right now. Search and find the bookstore that sells it.


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