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Business Intelligence Guidebook: From Data Integration to Analytics by Rick Sherman PDF Download

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This Business Intelligence Guidebook: From Data Integration to Analytics, pdf, ebook, ePub, and free download by Rick Sherman is a reference for business people, students, and also students. The following is an important review to read.


Intelligence in the business world is an important thing that is the basis for carrying out business entrepreneurial activities. The rapid development of the times, with the rise of the free market economic system began, made business science a branch of science that was in great demand by many people living in contemporary times.

The things that are the basis for business science are how to create something that can attract many people to buy or use the services provided by entrepreneurs.

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For this reason, optimal intelligence is needed in carrying out business activities in today’s world. The free market system that is currently rampant in the present era certainly provokes entrepreneurs to always be ready to compete in terms of innovations issued by each individual. Without innovation, business activity will not get optimal results because there is no new thing related to the size of the market amid social life.

Image of Business Intelligence Guidebook: From Data Integration to Analytics, pdf, ebook, epub, and free download by Rick Sherman
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Book Description

In this case, a professional writer named Rick Sherman created a breakthrough in the business world by issuing a book entitled Business Intelligence Guidebook: From Data Integration to Analytics by Rick Sherman.

This book raises topics that are rarely discussed amid society. Through accurate big data, this book provides a lot of information about the business. Extensive knowledge of business matters can be one way to advance the business and can maintain the profit graph obtained by the company.

Accurate data sources are also one the important things in developing a business strategy that is ready to run. Extensive knowledge and acumen in terms of business analysis can form a tough attitude and character for entrepreneurs. Wise decision-making is also a determinant for the development or not of a business entrepreneur activity, due to the many methods offered by various world economists related to business matters, it is necessary to decide something carefully and consistently.

Through the Amazon website, information related to this book is quoted, namely:

Between the high-level concepts of business intelligence and the nitty-gritty instructions for using vendors’ tools lies the essential, yet a poorly-understood layer of architecture, design, and process. Without this knowledge, Big Data is belittled – projects flounder, are lat,e and go over budget. Business Intelligence Guidebook: From Data Integration to Analytics shines a bright light on an often neglected topic, arming you with the knowledge you need to design rock-solid business intelligence and data integration processes. Practicing consultant and adjunct BI professor Rick Sherman takes the guesswork out of creating systems that are cost-effective, reusable, and essential for transforming raw data into valuable information for business decision-makers.

After reading this book, you will be able to design the overall architecture for functioning business intelligence systems with supporting data warehousing and data-integration applications. You will have the information you need to get a project launched, developed, managed, and delivered on time and budget – turning the deluge of data into actionable information that fuels business knowledge. Finally, you’ll give your career a boost by demonstrating an essential knowledge that puts corporate BI projects on a fast-track to success.

For readers who are interested in this book, you can look for it in the nearest shops or you can also buy it online through Amazon. The book, published by Morgan Kaufmann’s publishing team, is very suitable for students majoring in business or entrepreneurship. With a price range of around 54.95 dollars.

Table of Contents


How to Use This Book


Part I. Concepts and Context

Chapter 1. The Business Demand for Data, Information, and Analytics

Just One Word: Data

Welcome to the Data Deluge

Taming the Analytics Deluge

Too Much Data, Too Little Information

Data Capture versus Information Analysis

The Five Cs of Data

Common Terminology from our Perspective

Part II. Business and Technical Needs

Chapter 2. Justifying BI: Building the Business and Technical Case

Why Justification is Needed

Building the Business Case

Building the Technical Case

Assessing Readiness

Creating a BI Road Map

Developing Scope, Preliminary Plan, and Budget

Obtaining Approval

Common Justification Pitfalls

Chapter 3. Defining Requirements—Business, Data and Quality

The Purpose of Defining Requirements




Defining Requirements Workflow


Documenting Requirements

Part III. Architectural Framework

Chapter 4. Architecture Framework

The Need for Architectural Blueprints

Architectural Framework

Information Architecture

Data Architecture

Technical Architecture

Product Architecture


Security and Privacy

Avoiding Accidents with Architectural Planning

Do Not Obsess over the Architecture

Chapter 5. Information Architecture

The Purpose of an Information Architecture

Data Integration Framework

DIF Information Architecture

Operational BI versus Analytical BI

Master Data Management

Chapter 6. Data Architecture

The Purpose of a Data Architecture


Data Architectural Choices

Data Integration Workflow

Data Workflow—Rise of EDW Again

Operational Data Store

Chapter 7. Technology & Product Architectures

Where are the Product and Vendor Names?

Evolution Not Revolution

Technology Architecture

Product and Technology Evaluations

Part IV. Data Design

Chapter 8. Foundational Data Modeling

The Purpose of Data Modeling

Definitions—The Difference Between a Data Model and Data Modeling

Three Levels of Data Models

Data Modeling Workflow

Where Data Models Are Used

Entity-Relationship (ER) Modeling Overview


Limits and Purpose of Normalization

Chapter 9. Dimensional Modeling

Introduction to Dimensional Modeling

High-Level View of a Dimensional Model




Entity Relationship versus Dimensional Modeling

Purpose of Dimensional Modeling

Fact Tables

Achieving Consistency

Advanced Dimensions and Facts

Dimensional Modeling Recap

Chapter 10. Business Intelligence Dimensional Modeling



Outrigger Tables

Slowly Changing Dimensions

Causal Dimension

Multivalued Dimensions

Junk Dimensions

Value Band Reporting

Heterogeneous Products

Alternate Dimensions

Too Few or Too Many Dimensions

Part V. Data Integration Design

Chapter 11. Data Integration Design and Development

Getting Started with Data Integration

Data Integration Architecture

Data Integration Requirements

Data Integration Design

Data Integration Standards

Loading Historical Data

Data Integration Prototyping

Data Integration Testing

Chapter 12. Data Integration Processes

Introduction: Manual Coding versus Tool-Based Data Integration

Data Integration Services

Part VI. Business Intelligence Design

Chapter 13. Business Intelligence Applications

BI Content Specifications

Revise BI Applications List

BI Personas

BI Design Layout—Best Practices

Data Design for Self-Service BI

Matching Types of Analysis to Visualizations

Chapter 14. BI Design and Development

BI Design

We have already found information in the complete table of contents of this book. The table of contents really helps the reader know the topics presented in this book.

You can read the full Elsevier page.

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About the Author

For the book’s author information, we found the source from the Rocketreach page. Although it is not complete, the information about the author is enough to help you get to know him.

Rick Sherman is the founder of Athena IT Solutions, which provides services in the areas of consulting, training, and vendors for business intelligence, analytics, data integration, and data warehousing. Athena IT Solutions helps businesses increase the intelligence of their business decisions through data warehousing and business intelligence consulting.

Our services include Detailed data warehousing & business intelligence assessments that ensure that projects have the best chance for success and stay within budget. Full-scale implementation and consulting for the advice, planning, management, and development to see projects through completion.

Onsite Business intelligence and data warehousing education for technical staff and business users. Vendor services lend the credibility of a published industry expert to your client presentations, webinars, and white papers. We will also assess your products and marketing strategies. He is also an additional faculty member at a Northeastern University Graduate School of Engineering and is often involved in contributing to industry publications, events, and webinars.

Product Details

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Morgan Kaufmann; 1st edition (November 21, 2014)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 550 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 012411461X
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0124114616
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 2.12 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.5 x 1.24 x 9.25 inches
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Where to Buy Books

Before we tell you where to buy this book, you should know that there are several versions of this book published. First, the Digital version, and secondly, the print version (paperback & hardcover).

To buy this book, you can come to the nearest book shop. Let’s ask in a subscription bookstore, whether to sell it.

Many people shop for books on Amazon and eBay. Some use an online shopping system.

PDF Free eBook Download

The digital edition can be accessed via the internet. The files are in the form of PDFs, eBooks, Epub, Doc, and others. Everything can be read through a computer device. Different with books in Kindle format that must be read using a special device issued by the Amazon company.

The free download link of this Business Intelligence Guidebook: From Data Integration to Analytics cannot be accessed if the issuing company does not give permission. The solution, is you need to buy in a bookstore.


For students or entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills in business activities, this book is very relevant to be used as reading material with the aim of enriching the understanding of the principles in the business world in contemporary times.


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