The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising Fourth Edition by Perry Marshall

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Facebook advertising is a powerful feature for online business owners to grab potential markets on Facebook. A specific book entitled the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising Fourth Edition, pdf, ebook, and free download by Perry Marshall will guide you to learn about this service deeper, including the formula for successful video ads, boost Facebook Ads, and many more.

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Book Description

This book is for advanced business owners who use Facebook Ads to boost their sales. The content of the book leads you to learn more about the effects of your ads on the customers. Let’s say why some Facebook users decide to click your ads and some others don’t. You will also learn what Facebook users who click the ads after 10 seconds, 10 minutes, and even after a few weeks. This book is also good for those who want to maximize ad ROI, create custom audiences, or even get your first 100 conversions. The author will also show you the way to set your page 5 to 10 percent more effectively than before. The more traffic you get, the more conversions you can get. Video ads can be one of the most powerful methods to attract traffic. But you should know how to set the video to become effective advertising.

Book Details

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press ‎ ‎

Publication date: October 27, 2020‎

Language: English ‎

Print length: 376 pages   ‎

Item Weight: 1.9 pounds ‎

Dimensions: 8 x 1 x 9.8 inches ‎

Table of Content


Facebook Still Owns Planet Earth

Is Facebook Good or Bad?

Facebook Has Redefined Advertising for 21st Century Users

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

Introduction to Bob Regnerus


Read This First—How to Use the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising


A Master Class in Fundamentals

Marketing Funnels Transform Strangers into Friends and Customers

How to Move Your Customer from Zero to Total Awareness

The Customer Awareness Timeline

Three Pillars of Advertising Success


Creating Your Business Page and Setting Up Business Manager

Creating Your Business Page

Creating Your Business Manager Account


Retargeting Technology to Convert More Prospects into Customers

The Power of Retargeting

Retargeting Turns Losing Campaigns into Winners

Creating a Successful Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting Principles for Optimal Performance

The Facebook Pixel Is the New Way to Build a List

Building Retargeting Audiences

Installing the Facebook Pixel

Setting Up Events

Creating Custom Conversions

Verifying Your Pixel Setup

Measuring the Results of Your Ads


Story: Separating the Amateurs from the Pros

Stand Out with Story

Why Stories and Facebook Make Such a Great Pair

The Right Time to Deliver Your Story

Product Always Follows Story

People Don’t Like to Be Sold To, But Enjoy Buying from People They Like

“I’m Not a Storyteller!”

Getting Your Story From Inside Your Head Into Your Ads


Targeting Your Customers with Facebook Audiences

Smart Advertisers Know “Everyone” Isn’t Their Customer

Facebook’s Four Types of Audience Targeting

Custom Audiences

Building Custom Audiences from Customer Lists

Building Website Traffic Custom Audiences

Building Custom Audiences from Mobile App Activity

Building Custom Audiences from Offline Events

Building Custom Audiences from Facebook Sources

Using Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence to Build Similar Audiences

Using Detailed Targeting to Narrow Your Audience


Using RFM to Sell to Customers Most Likely to Buy

Guest Author Brian Kurtz

R Is for “Recency”

F Is for “Frequency”

M Is for “Monetary”

RFM Is as Important Online as It Is Offline

Facebook Didn’t Invent Everything


The First Building Blocks of Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

The Facebook Campaign Structure

Choosing the Perfect Campaign Objective


Budgets and Bidding Strategies for Optimizing Your Facebook Campaigns

Daily vs. Lifetime Budgets

Choosing Delivery Type

How the Facebook Ad Auction Works

Choosing the Right Budget Amount

Campaign Bidding Strategies


Dialing in Your Targeted Audience Using Ad Sets

Never Start Advertising to Cold (Unaware) Traffic

How Ad Sets Fit into Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Dialing in Your Facebook Ad Set

Setting Your Ad Schedule and Ad Spend Limits

Choosing Your Target Audience

Using Detailed Targeting to Build an Audience

Targeting Facebook Connections

Saving Audiences from the Ad Set Interface

“Where Are My Ads Seen?”

Exclusions and Block Lists

Optimization and Delivery


Optimizing Your Ad Sets within Your Targeted Audience

Optimization and Delivery Basics

Every Campaign Type Has Different Optimization Settings


Location, Location, Location: Facebook Placements

Automatic Placements




Leveraging Creative in Your Ads to Maximize Response

The Elements of an Ad

Choices of Visual Media

Ad Formats

Your Primary Text

Call-to-Action Buttons

News Feed Video Technical Requirements

Video Thumbnails

Captioning Your Videos

Using Multiple Ads Per Ad Set

Specific Ad Configuration by Placement

Instant Experiences: Hyper-Fast Load When the Customer Clicks


Sources of Creative Inspiration for Facebook Ads

How Important Is Creative to Advertising Success?

Ads from Competitors and Similar Businesses

Facebook Business Success Stories

Facebook Creative Hub

Facebook Ads Inspiration


Creating Your First Facebook News Feed Ad

Basic Campaign Setup

Creating a Video from a Still Image

Adding Your Ad Text, Headline, and Call to Action

Quick Shortcut for Creating Your First Ad Using an Existing Post


The Strongest Persuader of All: Facebook Video

Guest Author Brandon Boyd

Interruption vs. Direct Offer

The Three Cs of Creating Thumb-Stopping Content

The Content Creation Matrix: The Simple Guide to Creating Compelling Video Content

Why Use Video?

Facebook Is Making Video Easy

Video Lengths for Ads

Video Styles


Creating Killer Ad Creatives That Reflect Your Hook

Guest Author Molly Pittman

Six Creative Must-Haves

What Not to Do

Grades and Report Cards

Analyzing Creatives that Work

Working with a Designer

Telling a Story with Your Creatives

Ad Creative Checklist

Analyzing Creatives that Don’t Work

Getting Inspired


How I Know When My Copy Is Ready—Power Questions

Guest Author Ryan Deiss

  1. Novel, Unique, and Distinctive
  2. Simple and Easy
  3. Triggering a Desire
  4. Pre-exposure
  5. Mental Links and Associations
  6. Open Loops
  7. Portals

The Seven Questions Summary


Capturing Leads Using Facebook Lead Ads

Getting Started with Lead Form Ads

Retrieving Your Leads


Converting Clicks to Facebook Messenger Conversations

Guest Author Larry Kim

What Are Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads?

When to Use Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads

Creating Click-to-Messenger Ads in Ad Manager

Creating Click-to-Messenger Ads in MobileMonkey

What Are Facebook-Sponsored Message Ads?

When to Use Facebook Sponsored Messages

Creating Sponsored Messages Ads in MobileMonkey


The Anatomy of a Facebook Retargeting Campaign

The Structure of a Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting Users Who Visit Your Website

Retargeting Users Who Engage with Your Video Ad

Retargeting Users Who Abandon Facebook Lead Forms

Retargeting Is Not Just for Prospecting


Using Deep Funnel Marketing™ to Make Your Customers See You Everywhere

How Does the Deep Funnel Relate to My Business?

The Customer Awareness Timeline and Deep Funnels

Facebook Is an Interruption Media

Basic Deep Funnel Marketing Strategies for Top of Funnel

Launching Your Article Strategy Prospecting Campaign

Creating Your Initial Prospecting Ad Set

Creating Your Initial Prospecting Ads

Creating Your Article Strategy Nurturing Campaign

Deep Funnel Marketing Video Strategy

Creating Your Initial Video Strategy Prospecting Ad Set

Creating Your Initial Video Strategy Prospecting Ad

Creating Your Next Two Video Strategy Prospecting Ads and Ad Sets

Creating Your Video Strategy Nurturing Campaign

Read: The Standard for Portfolio Management Fourth Edition by PMI Review


Advanced Deep Funnel Marketing™ Strategies

Nurturing Campaigns Aren’t Just for Retargeting Facebook Traffic

Ad Content in Your Deep Funnel

Website Assets for Your Deep Funnel

Setting Up Deep Funnel Nurturing Audiences

Setting Up a Deep Funnel Nurturing Campaign

Setting Up Deep Funnel Ad Sets, No Sequence

Setting Up Deep Funnel Ad Sets: URL-Based Sequence

Setting Up Deep Funnel: Time-Based Sequence

Setting Up Deep Funnel Audiences for a Time-Based Sequence

Setting Up Deep Funnel Ad Sets for a Time-Based Sequence


Blueprints and Strategies to Help You Launch Campaigns Quickly

Prospecting Strategies for Cold Audiences

Campaign Strategies for Specific Objectives

Specific Audience Strategies


The Product Launch Formula and Facebook

Guest Author Jeff Walker

Anticipation (and Turning Your Marketing into an Event)

Pre-Launch Content #1: The Opportunity

Pre-Launch Content #2: Transformation

Pre-Launch Content #3: Ownership

Launch Day (and the OpenCart)

Your Post-Launch Sequence

The Launch Conversation

Your Launch


Choosing the Best Facebook Funnel for You

Guest Author David Nadler

The Lead Magnet Funnel

The Mini Course Funnel

The Free-Plus-Shipping Funnel

The Assessment or Quiz Funnel

The Challenge Funnel

The On-Demand Webinar Funnel

How to Quickly Choose a Funnel


Boosting Posts and Unicorns Guest Author Dennis Yu

Get the Results


Greatest Hits

Content Library



Keeping Track of Your Money and Results

Common Advertising Terms

How to View Reporting

The Breakdown Dropdown

Reporting in Ads

Offline Event Reporting


How to Increase Conversions and Decrease Advertising Costs Over Time

What Testing Can Do

Why Test?

Achieving Statistical Significance

What Should You Test?

Setting Up Dynamic Creative Tests

Setting Up Multiple Text Option Tests

Performing A/B Split Testing


Troubleshooting Common Facebook Advertising Issues

When You’re Not Seeing Conversions Reported

What to Do When Your Ad Performance Declines, aka Ad Fatigue

Combatting Ad Fatigue

What to Do When Your Campaign Costs Are Too High

What to Do When There Are Low (or No) Impressions of Your Ad

What to Do When You Have an Ad Disapproved

What to Do When You Have Ads Stuck in Review


Taking Scary Steps When the Bridge Isn’t Yet Visible


Major Facebook Ad Updates that Experienced Advertisers Need to Know

Privacy, Transparency, and Targeting

Transparency of Political, Social, and Election Ads

Platform and Interface Changes

Placements and Media



About the Authors

Perry Marshall

Where to Buy

You can buy the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising Fourth Edition by Perry Marshall at Amazon and other reputable online stores.


The publisher the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising 4th edition (fourth edition) in Kindle and Paperback versions. You can get it at Amazon. Some online bookstores also sell the e-book version. Buyers even can get special deals, such as free shipping, and save up to 10 percent using Plum Plus.

In addition to the digital book format that we have presented above, there are other versions that are liked and sought after by students. PDF file name. Can be seen by using the Acrobat Reader application. Usually, books that have become PDF formats can be read by many people for free.

To get it, you can search on the internet. Free download links can be found in no time. The contents of the book are not always the same as the printed edition.


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