Featured Image of The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy 6th Edition by Irvin David Yalom PDF Download
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The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy 6th Edition by Irvin David Yalom PDF Download

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Book Description

One can’t go to a bookstore and expect to find a good book about psychotherapy without researching the good ones first. However, if you are in need of this kind of book, you definitely should read the Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy 6th Edition, pdf, ebook, epub, mobi, and free download

This book is surely a definitive text in the field for decades. In this latest version, the book has been fully updated to reflect the latest developments and the authors’ vast clinical proficiency. Every section of the book has been updated to include the newest findings, making it one of the best sources to learn this subject comprehensively.

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Table of Content

The book has 16 sections, each delivering a different subject. The first section, for instance, is about variables affecting therapy. The third section talks about the group’s connection. The following 4-7 sections are essentially therapist guides, such as basic jobs and how to work effectively.

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As you read the book, it becomes more complicated. Section 15, for example, talks about specific group therapy. However, it will undoubtedly broaden your knowledge in this area.

Preface To The Sixth Edition 1

Acknowledgments 7

1 The Therapeutic Factors 9

Instillation of Hope 13

Universality 15

Imparting Information 18

Altruism 24

The Corrective Recapitulation of the Primary Family Group 26

Development of Socializing Techniques 28

Imitative Behavior 29

2 Interpersonal Learning 33

The Importance of Interpersonal Relationships 33

The Corrective Emotional Experience 44

The Group as Social Microcosm 50

Dynamic Interaction Within the Social Microcosm 58

Recognition of Behavioral Patterns in the Social Microcosm 61

The Social Microcosm: Is It Real? 64

Transference and Insight 65

Overview 68

3 Group Cohesiveness 73

The Importance of Group Cohesiveness 77

Mechanism of Action 88

Summary 102

4 The Therapeutic Factors: An Integration 103

Comparative Value of the Therapeutic Factors: The Client’s View 107

Comparative Value of the Therapeutic Factors: Differences Between Clients’ and Therapists’ Views 141

Therapeutic Factors: Modifying Forces 144

5 The Therapist: Basic Tasks 153

Creation and Maintenance of the Group 154

Building a Group Culture 157

How Does the Leader Shape Norms? 160

Therapeutic Group Norms 167

6 The Therapist: Working In The Here-And-Now 183

Definition of Process 185

Process Focus: The Power Source of the Group 194

The Therapist’s Tasks in the Here-and-Now 196

Techniques of Here-and-Now Activation 202

Techniques of Process Illumination 214

Helping Clients Assume a Process Orientation 226

Helping Clients Accept Process-Illuminating Comments 228

Process Commentary: A Theoretical Overview 230

The Use of the Past 241

Group-as-a-Whole Process Commentary 246

7 The Therapist: Transference And Transparency 255

Transference in the Therapy Group 259

The Psychotherapist and Transparency 272

8 Selecting Clients And Composing Groups 293

Criteria for Exclusion 295

Criteria for Inclusion 314

Summary: Client Selection 318

Group Composition 319

The Prediction of Client Behavior in the Group 321

Summary: Predicting Client Behavior 330

Principles of Group Composition 330

Homogeneity or Heterogeneity? 333

General Clinical Considerations 336

Summary: Group Composition 338

9 Creating The Group 341

Setting and Structure 342

Brief Group Therapy 349

Pregroup Meetings and Preparation for Group Therapy 355

10 In The Beginning 377

Formative Stages of the Group 377

The Impact of Clients and Other Factors on Group Development 393

Membership Problems 398

11 The Advanced Group 425

How Interpersonal Learning Works 425

Subgrouping 430

Conflict in the Therapy Group 440

Self-Disclosure 455

Termination 465

12 The Challenging Group Member 477

The Monopolist 478

The Silent Client 485

The Boring Client 488

The Help-Rejecting Complainer 491

The Acutely Psychotic Client 494

The Schizoid Client 502

The Characterologically Difficult Client 507

13 Specialized Formats And Procedural Aids 521

Concurrent Individual and Group Therapy 521

Combining Group Therapy and Twelve-Step Groups 533

Co-Therapy 538

Dreams 545

Audiovisual Technology 549

Written Summaries 552

Monitoring Group Therapy Outcome and Process 560

Structured Exercises 562

Group Therapy Record Keeping 568

14 Online Psychotherapy Groups 571

VTC Groups: Early Findings 572

Guidelines for Group Psychotherapists 573

VTC Group Challenges and Opportunities 575

15 Specialized Therapy Groups 579

Modifications for Specialized Clinical Situations: Basic Steps 581

The Acute Inpatient Therapy Group 587

Groups for the Medically Ill 617

Adaptation of CBT and IPT to Group Therapy 626

Self-Help Groups and Online Support Groups 634

16 Training The Group Therapist 639

Observation of Experienced Clinicians 641

Clinical Supervision 645

A Group Experience for Trainees 654

Personal Psychotherapy 661

Summary 664

Beyond Technique 665

Appendix: Group Therapy Information And Guidelines For Clients 667

Notes 673

Index 801

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About of Author

The authors of Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy 6th Edition are Dr. Irvin David Yalom and Dr. Molyn Leszcz. Dr. I. D. Yalom is a renowned American psychiatrist with a focus on existentialism. He currently works at Stanford University but he is also a prolific author of various works.

On the other hand, Dr. Molyn Leszcz is a lecturer in psychiatry at the University of Toronto. His work has been dedicated to enhancing integration in psychiatric care. Both authors undoubtedly put their best efforts into the book, which has become one of the area’s best-selling items.

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Who Should Read Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy Sixth Edition?

This book is the perfect learning material for anyone interested in psychotherapy. However, those who need it the most are definitely students and practitioners who work in the field.

With its combination of academic rigor and dynamic writing, this book is an indispensable source for both students and practitioners around the world. It provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to both theory and practice, making it an essential tool for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of this powerful therapeutic modality.

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Product Details

The Basic Book is the publishing company that published Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy 6e in 2020. Following that, it received a lot of positive feedback from readers, both from the academic community and the general public.

The book itself is 832 pages long. It’s quite a heavy book, and it also comes with illustrations, making it more enjoyable to read.

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Basic Books; 6th edition (December 1, 2020)
    Language ‏ : ‎ English
    Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 832 pages
    ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1541617576
    ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1541617575
    Reading age ‏ : ‎ 1 year and up
    Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 2.49 pounds
    Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.95 x 2.7 x 10.45 inches

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Where to Get This Book

This book is available in different formats. You have two options, and those are the e-textbook and the hardcover book. The hardcover is definitely more expensive. It’s also heavy, but it will be good if you don’t want to stare at a screen all the time. It will cost you between $50 and $67 for a new one and $21-29 for a used one.

The e-textbook is around $54.99. Unfortunately, it’s hard to borrow the book. Even sites like VitalSource don’t rent this item. The free PDF file is even harder to get.

Eventually, it can be said that Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy 6th Edition is a really good learning source. It’s sure to disappoint you if you don’t get it as soon as possible.

A free download link can be found if there is permission from the book publisher. As long as the permission of the book publisher has not come out, then everything that is PDF, Mobi, epub formats is considered copyright infringement.

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The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy 6th edition is an essential resource for anyone interested in group therapy. Its emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, group dynamics, and practical techniques make it a valuable reference for both novice and experienced group therapists. The updated research and case studies in the sixth edition make it a relevant and useful tool for modern therapists.

If you don’t want to buy it, then you can rent or borrow this book at the school library. The most important thing is not to miss any information about this book.


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