The Product Manager’s Desk Reference 2nd Edition by Steven Haines

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When talking about business and product, the idea of PMLC or Product management life cycle should be part of the operation. In this book, the author gives a lot of details on how to be a cutting-edge product manager. It covers a range of references, details, and guides that are meant for the practitioner. Here are the details of  The Product Manager’s Desk Reference 2nd edition, pdf, ebook, and free download. 

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Book Description

The book covers tools, knowledge, insight, and ideas on how the brand new product management life cycle model works in today’s world. All go for the same reasons to help readers, learners, and practitioners to be product managers that can contribute to the company’s success. It comes with best practices, hints, guides, and critical solutions on product management. 

The Author

The person behind this book is Steven Haines. He is one of the field experts that has more than 10 books on the same topics. He is also a well-known individual due to his career as a founder of a global training and advisory service firm named Sequent Learning Networks in New York City. He is a professional and practitioner as a product manager.   

The Target Reader

For a practitioner that is thriving to be a high-end and powerful product manager. It is a book that will help and guide them to find more information on the field. At the same time, The Product Manager’s Desk Reference 2nd edition can also be used as learning material in business school since it covers a range of cases, examples, and details. 

Book Details

The book was released in October 2014 under Mcgraw-hill Publishing. It was written by Steven Haines and is now available in many formats. It is a copious book that weighs about 3.6 pounds and has 832 pages. The second edition was revised and changed for a couple of contents. So, the inside is more detailed and filled with examples. 

Table Content

To cover a lot of aspects in the book, 5 different modules highlight progress. The first module takes care of explaining the foundation of product management. The second one covers some information on developing insight, driving strategies, and focus. The third module of the Product Manager’s Desk Reference 2nd edition is about starting product development. 

After that, the fourth part will take part and talk about post-launch management. It shows ranges of methods and portfolios. In the fifth module, there is a guide on how to professionalize product management and make it better. And lastly, is about the toolbox and details as a product manager.

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Where To Buy It

Since it has been years since the release, you can find the book in many online stores. Amazon offers used and new books for about $40-$68. You can access it as an e-book on the Skillsoft page by becoming a member. 

Book Format Availability

You can find the book as printed hardcover or softcover. However, you can also find it as a kindle, e-book, or free download PDF format on the internet. The Product Manager’s Desk Reference 2nd edition e-book download might need online registration or for members only. 

Made by the practitioner for a practitioner, the book is not only packed with grounding details about PMLC but also covers a range of cases. The illustration of how the cycle works will guide students, business owners, or practitioners to move from the beginning to the end. It is a great book for those who want to be a huge part of a successful business.


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