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Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3rd Edition by David B Grant PDF Download

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Book Description

Do you need a book about sustainable logistic operations? If you say yes, you definitely need to buy Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3rd Edition review, pdf, ebook, epub, mobi, and free download by David B. Grant. This excellent work will walk you through all the issues related to a better logistical operation. You’ll learn about its fundamental principles along with interesting sample cases. This book will surely broaden your view of the situation in the field and your conceptual knowledge.

The information that we can read in this book is varied. Readers will learn about important subjects such as a better packaging process, design, and transport. The importance of whether the process is environmentally friendly or not is also highlighted. It’s essential since human civilization needs to stop any practice that damages its living conditions. Furthermore, the book will inspire us to study this topic and work in this field.

As this is the newest book since the second edition, Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management Third Ed brings some fresh knowledge. It includes the latest information from the most recent scientific research and new insights from respected figures. There are also guidelines and a resource for those depend on this book to teach in class.

The credible company that published this impressive book is Kogan Page, Ltd. Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management Third Edition, consists of three hundred and four pages and nine parts. Each part focuses on a different subject. There is also an introduction that is worth reading to grasp the writers’ intention and the general concept of the book.

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As you read the book, you will notice that the chapters are getting more complicated. The second chapter, for example, talks about the fundamental understanding and theoretical framework of sustainability. On the other hand, the last chapter talks about the more complicated issue of supply chain strategy.

Three experts are responsible for creating this excellent work, Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3rd Edition. They are Prof. Grant, Dr. Trautrims, and also Prof. Wong. Prof. Grant is a lecturer of Logistics at Hull University Business School. Dr. Trautrims teaches at the Nottingham University. Lastly, Prof. Wong is a research fellow at CUSM.

With the quality it offers, you certainly don’t need to feel hesitant about buying this book. You can purchase it from your favorite bookstores or online shops such as Target and Amazon. The book will only cost you £125.00 for the hardcover and £39.99 for the paperback and ebook. In the US, Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3rd Edition is only $156.99 for the hardcover and $53.99 for the paperback.

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Table of Contents

Before buying and reading this book, many people want to know the table of contents. Here we convey information about the table of contents of this third edition of the book that we got from the marketplace.

Chapter – 00: Introduction;

Chapter – 01: Logistics and supply chain management;

Chapter – 02: Science of sustainability;

Chapter – 03: Freight transport;

Chapter – 04: Sustainable warehousing;

Chapter – 05: Product design, cleaner production and packaging;

Chapter – 06: Sustainable purchasing and procurement;

Chapter – 07: Reverse logistics and recycling;

Chapter – 08: Risk, resilience and corporate social responsibility;

Chapter – 09: Sustainable logistics and supply chain management strategy

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About of Author

David B. Grant is the author of this book which gave birth to many works. The world of education has made many of his books a reference for teaching and learning.

David B. Grant was not alone in writing this book. There are two people helping him.

From one of the pages on the internet Koganpage reported as follows about the author’s profile at a glance:

Professor David B. Grant is Professor of Supply Chain Management & Social Responsibility, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland and Bua Luang ASEAN Chair Professor, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand. He has over 175 publications and participates in editorial boards for numerous journals.

Professor Chee Yew Wong is Chair of Supply Chain Management at Leeds University Business School, UK. He has extensive consultancy experience in operations, purchasing, production, inventory and distribution management.

Dr Alexander Trautrims is a Lecturer in Supply Chain and Operations Management at Nottingham University Business School, UK. His research focuses on sourcing, compliance and supply issues.

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Where to Buy Books

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