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Retailing Management 11th Edition by Prof M Levy PDF in Download

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Book Description

Retailing Management 11th Edition, review, pdf, ebook, epub, kindle, and free download is one of the best books about the retail business. It has been updated since the last edition with new information and coverage. It explains how the retail world has changed and what things need to be done in the current era. The authors elaborate on the strategic method for different types of retailers, ranging from small-scale retailers to bigger ones. Moreover, this book also contains the importance of big data and how to analyze it. The use of social media is emphasized with the hope of creating better communication between retailers and buyers.

What about the pandemic? Covid-19 has created a sluggish economy in recent years. Fortunately, Retailing Management 11th Edition also covers this topic. It explains how covid-19 has impacted the retail world, and what kind of strategy should be applied in this difficult situation. Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology is also explained, so are Wayfair’s and H&M strategies. Retailing Management Eleventh Edition provides an e-learning platform called Connect. With Connect, readers will be able to learn about this subject in a more interactive way.

Retailing Management 11th Edition consists of four sections with each section separated into several chapters. The first section is the world of retailing. Here, the authors wrote about the various types of retailers with the highlights on digital retailing. The second section is about the needed strategy in the retail world, including financial and location strategy. The third section is about merchandise. It explains the best way to manage the merchandise planning process. The last section is about HR or human resources. But it also elaborates the importance of store management. All of these chapters are written in a way that makes the readers understand them easily.

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Published by McGraw Hill, this book is authored by Prof M. Levy, Prof B. Weitz, and Prof D. Grewal. All of them are experts in the field, working in prestigious institutions such as Babson College of Business. This book is definitely a must-have source if you want to upgrade your knowledge in retail world. The price of the book is absolutely worth it. The hardcover version is around $165 while the loose-leaf version Used books are much cheaper. On Amazon and other websites, you can get it for $42. The e-book or e-textbook is also available at a price around $93 on sites like VitalSource. Furthermore, the free PDF version is quite hard to be download. That’s why it’s better to just buy Retailing Management 11th Edition be it in hardcover version or e-book.

Table of Contents


Title Page



About the Authors




Brief Contents


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Section I The World of retailing


What Is Retailing? 6

The Retailer’s Role in a Supply Chain 6

Retailers Create Value 6

Costs of Channel Activities 7

Retailers Perform Wholesaling and Production Activities 8

Differences in Distribution Channels around the World 9

Economic and Social Significance of Retailing 10

Role in Developed Economies 10

Role in Developing Economies—The Base of the Pyramid 10

Retailing View 1.1: Seeing Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid 11

Role in Society 11

Retailing View 1.2: Whole Foods and John Mackey The Birth of the Organic Supermarket 14

The Growing Importance of Retailing and Retailers 14

Evolution of the Retail Industry 14

Growth of Retail Analytics 15

Retailing View 1.3: Home Depot Is Winning on Nearly Every Metric. How Is It Doing So? 16

Accelerated Shifts Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic 18

Management and Entrepreneurial Opportunities 20

Management Opportunities 20

Entrepreneurial Opportunities 20

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Retailing View 1.4: Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon 21

The Retail Management Decision Process 23

Understanding the World of Retailing— Section I 23

Developing a Retail Strategy—Section II 24

Implementing the Retail Strategy—Sections III and IV 25

Summary 26

Key Terms 27

Get Out and Do It! 27

Discussion Questions and Problems 28

Appendix 1A Careers in Retailing 28

Chapter Endnotes 31


Retailer Characteristics 36

Type of Merchandise 36

Variety and Assortment 38

Services Offered by Retailers 39

Prices and Cost of Offering Breadth and Depth of Merchandise and Services 39

Food Retailers 39

Supermarkets 40

Retailing View 2.1: Grocery Shopping as . . . ? 41

Supercenters 44

Warehouse Clubs 44

Convenience Stores 45

Online Grocery Retailers 46

General Merchandise Retailers 47

Department Stores 47

Retailing View 2.2: Experience Marketplaces as Today’s Department Store 49

Full-Line Discount Stores 49

Category Specialists 50

Specialty Stores 52

Drugstores 53

Retailing View 2.3: High-End Hand-Me-Downs: The Diverse Drivers of Modern Resale Markets 54

Extreme-Value Retailers 55

Off-Price Retailers 56

Retailing View 2.4: Loving the Deals, the Fun, and the Convenience of Off-Price Retailers 57

Service Providers That Use Retailing Principles 58

Intangibility 59

Simultaneous Production and Consumption 59

Perishability 60

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Inconsistency 60

Types of Ownership 60

Independent, Single-Store Establishments 60

Corporate Retail Chains 61

Franchising 62

Summary 62

Key Terms 63

Get Out and Do It! 63

Discussion Questions and Problems 64

Chapter Endnotes 64

CHAPTER 3 Digital Retailing 68

The 7C Framework of Digital Retailing 69

Core Goals 69

Retailing View 3.1: The H&M Website, Designed for Selling Fast but Also Communicating Transparently 70

Context Elements 71

Content 71

Communication 72

Community 73

Commerce 73

Retailing View 3.2: Lemons Are to Lemonade as Distressed Retailers Are to Success for Retail E-commerce Ventures 75

Connection 75

Mobile and Social Retailing 76

Mobile Retailing 77

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Social Media–Based Retailing 80

Retailing View 3.3: Something for Everyone: Shopping through Facebook Shops 82

Types of Media 85

Paid Media 86

Owned Media 86

Retailing View 3.4: TikTok Provides Both a Candy Challenge and a Candy Solution for One Small Retailer 87

Earned Media 88

Influencer Marketing 89

Assessing the Efficacy of Influencers 89

Types of Influencers 92

Ethical Considerations for Influencer Marketing 92

How Retailers Engage Their Customers 93

Listen–Analyze–Do Framework 93

Retailing View 3.5: Does I and Love and You Love Amazon Attribution? 98

Summary 102

Key Terms 102

Get Out and Do It! 103

Discussion Questions and Problems 103

Chapter Endnotes 103

CHAPTER 4 Multichannel and Omnichannel Retailing 106

Relative Strengths of Retail Channels 108

In-Store Retailing 108

Internet Retailing 109

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Retailing View 4.1: Selling Lululemon through Mirror Devices 110

Retailing View 4.2: H&M Introduces Real-Time Product Selling 112

Mobile Retailing 114

Social Retailing 115

Catalog and Other Nonstore Channels 115

Retailing View 4.3: Avon’s App-Driven Digital Strategy 117

Opportunities Facing Multichannel and Omnichannel Retailers 118

Challenges Facing Multichannel and Omnichannel Retailers 120

Multichannel and Omnichannel Supply Chains and Information Systems 120

Consistent Brand Image across Channels 120

Merchandise Assortment 120

Pricing 121


Not all of us share information about the book’s table of contents. You can read about it on the official page of the seller of this 11th edition of the book.

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About of Author

A lot of information presents about the author of this book. One of them is the Amazon website.

Here’s a little bit about the author’s profile.

Michael Levy, Ph.D. (Ohio State University), is the Charles Clarke Reynolds Professor of Marketing Emeritus at Babson College and Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver.

Dhruv Grewal, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech), is the Toyota Chair in Commerce and Electronic Business and a Professor of Marketing at Babson College. His research and teaching interests focus on direct marketing and e-commerce, marketing research, the broad areas of value-based marketing strategies, services and retailing, and pricing.

Barton A. Weitz received an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from MIT and an M.B.A. and Ph.D. in business administration from Stanford University.

From the three authors of the book above, you can already conclude that this 11th edition of the book is the best.

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Product Details

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ McGraw Hill; 11th edition (January 31, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 672 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1264157444
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1264157440
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎24 pounds

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Shopping for Education needs today is no longer difficult. There are many websites online that sell it. One such need books.

You can buy Retailing Management 11th Edition books on the Amazon website in hardcover, paperback, and digital form.

In addition to Amazon, the Vitalsource website also sells this eleventh edition of the book. However, Vitalsource only provides a special electronic book format.

Payments can be made with a virtual account and can be cash and credit.

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Amazon provides a download link for Kindle digital book buyers. There are special devices for reading books in kindle format.

If you are looking for a free digital book, please visit the Google and Yahoo search engines. Type the desired keyword. In a quick time, then free book information will be available.

The downside of the free book version is that the content is incomplete. In addition, it is rare to get permission from the book publisher. Free book formats are usually in PDF and EPUB form. The resolution is low and uncomfortable when read.


Please search and buy this book in any marketplace. You can also borrow this book from the school library.

Read and please discuss with your friends the contents of the book. If anyone doesn’t understand, ask the teacher at school.

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