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Police and Society 8th edition, pdf, ebook and download by Roy Roberg, Kenneth Novak and Brad Smith offers a descriptive and analytical look at the process of policing, from police behavior and organization to operations and historical perspectives. Discussion of many new topics includes procedural justice, recruitment strategies for females and minorities, social media/social networking, and predictive policing.

Focusing on the relationship between the police and the community and how it has changed throughout the years, authors explore the most important theoretical foundations and incisive research on contemporary policing practices. This book provides a dynamic introduction to this compelling field.

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This 8e enhances coverage of criminal procedure, officer stress and safety, intimate partner violence, brutality and extralegal police aggression with expanded glossary of key terms. To draw students into this complex subject, the authors provide many fascinating examples of policing at work.

Authors address real-world police issues and operations and also offer biographical sketches of important police leaders. The police are governed by the rules of criminal procedure. These rules outline what the police may and may not do in the processing of an individual through the criminal justice system.

This first chapter is concerned with the police and their place in the government. As members of the executive branch of the government in the United States, the police have the authority and responsibility to enforce the laws. The police are enforcing these laws in a democratic society. This position presents several conflicts for the police.

The authors also address the impact of society’s evolution on current policing practices, paying special attention to the challenges of community policing and policing in the post-9/11 era. The book has rich pedagogical features include an expanded glossary, which provides clear definitions of key terms.

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Books Details

By: Kenneth Novak; Gary Cordner; Bradley Smith; Roy Roberg

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Print ISBN: 9780190940805, 0190940808Print ISBN: 9780190940805, 0190940808

eText ISBN: 9780190940812, 0190940816eText ISBN: 9780190940812, 0190940816

Edition: 8th

Table of Contents


Title page








Part I: Policing Foundations

CHAPTER 1: Police in a Democracy

Policing a Free Society

Police and Government

Police and Rule of Law

Police, Terrorism, and Homeland Security

Police Systems

The U.S. Police System

Other Types of Law Enforcement Agencies

Similarities and Differences

Police Role and Purpose

Law Enforcement or Politics?

Crime-Fighting or Social Service?

Proactive or Reactive?

Police Activities and Workload

Police Goals and Strategies

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