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Patent It Yourself: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Filing at the U.S. Patent Office 20th edition, pdf, ebook and download by David Pressman introduces the entire patent process, providing scrupulously updated information and clear instructions. By reading this book, you can determine if you can patent your invention, understand patent law, evaluate the commercial potential of your idea and perform your own patent search.

Author also includes complete guidelines to file a provisional patent application, prepare a formal patent application, respond to patent examiners, amend an application, enforce and maintain your patent , market and license your invention.

Author of this book, David Pressman is a patent attorney in corporate and private practice, a university instructor and columnist. He is an expert on patent filing, prosecution, and licensing and his books have charted the path for over 250,000 inventors. Patent It Yourself is the most highly recommended guide to patenting an invention.

Thoroughly updated to reflect the latest changes in intellectual property law, 20th edition book also provides the latest U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rules and forms. It includes up-to-date details on how to file a patent electronically with the USPTO, the latest rules for application and prosecution, and other changes to technical filing rules.

Whether you’re new at the inventing game or a grizzled veteran, this edition will save you grief, time and money. This book is highly recommended to read. It is the most definitive do-it-yourself patent book ever written and it is written in easy-to-understand laymen’s terms.

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Book Details

By: David Pressman; David E. Blau

Publisher: NOLO

Print ISBN: 9781413327809, 141332780XPrint ISBN: 9781413327809, 141332780X

eText ISBN: 9781413327823, 1413327826eText ISBN: 9781413327823, 1413327826

Edition: 20th

Copyright year: 2020

Table of Contents





About the Authors

Table of Contents

Your Legal Companion

A. You Don’t Have to Use a Patent Attorney

B. A Layperson Can Do a Quality Job

C. Using an Attorney

D. Should You Do It Yourself?

E. How to Use Patent It Yourself

1 Introduction to Patents and Other Intellectual Property

A. Intellectual Property—The Big Picture

B. How Intellectual Property Law Provides “Offensive Rights” (and Not Protection) to Inventors

C. Alternative and Supplementary Offensive Rights

D. Patents

E. Trademarks

F. Copyright

G. Trade Secrets

H. Unfair Competition

I. Acquisition of Offensive Rights in Intellectual Property—Summary Chart

J. Summary of Legal Remedies for Misappropriation of Various Types of Intellectual Property

K. Invention Exploitation Flowchart

L. Summary

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