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Oil and Gas Law in a Nutshell 7th Edition, pdf, ebook and download by John S. Lowe focuses on the authorized procedures that govern the advancement of privately owned mineral rights, which regularly also implement to governmentally owned methods. This book handles matters these kinds of because character, security, and conveying of oil and gas rights, leasing, and taxation.

John Lowe is a well-respected professor of oil and gas law and has prepared many papers likewise as several textbooks within the issue. The book assumes that you simply understand house passions as well as other simple house legislation concepts. It examines all big facets of property and contract legislation governing oil and gas exploration and development. It offers first textbook and explanatory supplies. The appendices include things like sample types.

This 7th ed was created to help land entrepreneurs and mineral rights owners negotiate oil and gas leases with oil providers. If you’re a land proprietor or perhaps a mineral rights operator who’s searching for info about leasing your land for oil or normal gas drilling, this book is for you.

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This book supplies the critical guidelines associated with documenting oil and gas transactions, from the upstream exploration phase to transportation by pipeline and liquefied all-natural gas to revenue and advertising. It is actually supposed for being a sensible tutorial for any individual trying to find a better being familiar with on the commercial and authorized ideas involved.

Whether or not you are a lawyer in non-public apply or in sector, a business negotiator or from a fiscal establishment or vitality advisory practice, Oil and Gas Law in a Nutshell will supply a complete insight in the oil and gas company.

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Book Details

By: John Lowe

Publisher: West Academic Publishing

Print ISBN: 9781640201156, 1640201157Print ISBN: 9781640201156, 1640201157

eText ISBN: 9781684674275, 1684674271eText ISBN: 9781684674275, 1684674271

Edition: 7th

Copyright year: 2019

Table of Contents

Preface v

Table of Cases xxv

Part 1. The Nature and Protection of Oil and Gas Rights

Chapter 1. The Formation and Production of Oil and Gas 3

A. Formation of Oil and Gas 3

B. Drilling for Oil and Gas 5

C. Producing Oil and Gas 10

Chapter 2. Ownership of Oil and Gas Rights 13

A. The Ad Coelum Doctrine 13

B. The Rule of Capture 14

C. Limits to the Rule of Capture 16

1. Inherent Limitations 16

2. Doctrine of Correlative Rights 20

3. Conservation Laws 21

D. Theories of Ownership of Oil and Gas 35

1. Non-Ownership and Ownership-in-Place Theories 35

2. Significance of the Theories of Ownership 37

Chapter 3. Kinds of Oil and Gas Interests 43

A. Fee Interest 43

B. Mineral Interest 43

1. Mineral Interest Includes Right to Use the Surface 44

2. Characteristics of Mineral-Interest Ownership 45

3. Louisiana’s Mineral Servitude 47

C. Leasehold Interest 47

D. Surface Interest 48

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