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Medical Law and Ethics 4th Edition,pdf, ebook and download by Bonnie F. Fremgen covers the complete coverage of subjects that consists of the legitimate method, skilled liability and medical malpractice, physician’s duties, medical data, moral and bioethical issues, and present regulations. Actual lawful instances illuminate subjects ranging from affected person confidentiality and abortion to death and dying.

This 6th ed also gives quick scenarios and advice about law and ethics. Every single chapter contains glossary terms and conditions, workouts, and an actual situation; appendices give existing sample codes of ethics.

A lot of legal circumstances are sprinkled all through the text to display the history in the law because it pertains to subjects like patient confidentiality, managed treatment, federal regulations impacting the employee, loss of life and dying, and abortion. In certain examples, the cases could appear old, but because our legitimate system is depending on situation law, they may be nonetheless pertinent at this time.

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Thi 6e is proper for those individuals learning inside a school or university that are working towards careers in the allied wellness area in a variety of configurations such as the medical workplace, hospitals, clinics, and experienced nursing facilities. A broad variety of pertinent subjects are talked about, for instance the authorized system, the physician-patient relationship, expert liability and medical malpractice, public duties from the physician, the medical report, and ethical and bioethical difficulties.

All chapters incorporate glossary terms highlighted in bold on initially reference, substantial end-of-the-chapter exercises, and a single real practice situation. The appendix contains a thorough compilation of codes of ethics that type a basis for present practice as well as a listing of health care regulatory agencies.

Finally, the book provides reviews of medical law and ethics. Medical practitioners should read this book so they really know the lawful needs in their very own jurisdictions.

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Book Details

Full Title: Medical Law and Ethics

Edition: 6th edition

ISBN-13: 978-0135414521

Format: Paperback/softback

Publisher: Pearson (9/12/2019)

Copyright: 2020

Dimensions: 8.4 x 10.7 x 0.7 inches

Weight: 1.59lbs

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Medical Law, Ethics, and Bioethics


2. The Legal System

3. Essentials of the Legal System for Health Care Professionals

4. Working in Todays Health Care Market


5. The Physician Patient Relationship

6. Professional Liability and Medical Malpractice

7. Public Duties of the Health Care Professional

8. Workplace Law and Ethics

9. The Medical Record

10. Patient Confidentiality and HIPAA


11. Ethical and Bioethical Issues in Medicine

12. Ethical Issues Relating to Life

13. Death and Dying

14. Trends in Health Care


A. Codes of Ethics

B. Case Citations

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