Mathematics For Retail Buying 9th Edition by Bette K Tepper

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Highlighting the importance of step-by-step example, practice, and moves for retail business, is what you got from the Mathematics for retail buying 9th edition, pdf, ebook, and free download by Bette K Tepper. It is a book that has been used as an education and learning material for students. Reaching up to the ninth edition, the book still covers great details of using mathematics in retail. Here are the details.

Mathematics for retail buying 9th edition, pdf, ebook, and free download by Bette K Tepper.
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The Book Description

Realizing the important concept in retail math, the book covers a great number of scientific studies, answers, and solutions for the business. The education material takes a unique insight on how to apply proper mathematics and calculation for retail buying. Therefore, you can see some extensive information in the book.

The information it gives is also pretty vast and thorough. It talks about and finds solutions on calculating skeletal profit, loss statement, the retail method, pricing, repricing, assortment of planning, markup, markdown, and many more. And in this edition, the book gives a practical approach with a range of scenarios and the fitting current retail concept.

About The Authors

Mathematics for retail buying 9th edition was composed by Bette K. Tepper, an ex-faculty member of Fashion institute of technology, US. Meanwhile, the second author is a clinical associate professor of fashion merchandising at LIM College, Marla Greene.

The Target Reader

The book is specially arranged for students that are studying in retailing and fashion business. That is why the book also covers the review of the concept, practice skills, some key formulas, solutions, and many more. But, the book is also available for instructors which is available through a request for exam/inspection copy or instructor resources.

Book Details

The book was published on March fifth, 2020, under the Fairchild books publisher. The book comes as a package with the studio version, which covers all of the practices and exercises. The book has a total of 388 pages with a dimension of 8.5 x 1.01 x 11.1 inches.

Table of Content

Some new content you can find in Mathematics for the retail buying 9th edition is the updated mathematical practice, case studies, and revised text that is based on the recent common practice in the field. Inside 388 pages, the book has six chapters that deliberate information from the merchandising profit to calculating invoices.

The sequence in the first chapter is to calculate merchandising for a profit. The second chapter will talk about repricing and retail pricing merchandise. The third one covers the basic markup equation, and then moves the fourth chapter about retail inventory. The fifth one is six-month planning, and the last one is mathematics invoices and terms of sale.

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Where To Buy

The book is available in the online marketplace such as Amazon, with the price of about $107 for a bundled book. You can also check the availability on Bloomsbury with a price of around $120. Or you can check Walmart’s online shop as well.

Book Format PDF Free Download

Mathematics for the retail buying 9th edition is available in two formats, which are print and e-book. However, you need to buy or rent the official ebook from Bloomsbury.

The book that takes the mathematical insight on retail buying is a great education book. It offers comprehensive details and consideration of the retail business. Not only that, but the book also answers some math practice problems on the current retail situation. Therefore, the 2020th book will give you lots of practice, knowledge, and solutions.

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