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Marriages and Families: Changes, Choices and Constraints 9th Edition, pdf and ebook download  by Nijole V. Benokraitis explores up to date changes in families and their structure with impacts on the alternatives which are accessible to family members and constraints that often restrict our choices.

By this approach, college students are higher capable of understand what the research and statistics imply for themselves! This Marriages and Families 9th edition book supplies theoretical and empirical discussions with sensible examples and applications. It highlights important up to date changes in society and the family.

This text is written from a sociological perspective and incorporates materials from other disciplines: history, economics, social work, psychology, law, biology, drugs, household studies, women’s research, and anthropology. It examines how current profound structural and attitudinal changes affect family forms, interpersonal relationships, and elevating children.

This Ninth edition by Benokraitis reaches past the traditional discussions to discover racial-ethnic families, single-mum or dad families and gay families as well as the current scholarship by and about men, fathers, and grandfathers. Up to date American marriages and households range enormously in construction, dynamics, and cultural heritage.

Thus, discussions of gender roles, social class, race, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation are integrated throughout this book. To further strengthen students understanding of the rising variety among at this time’s families, the author included a collection of bins that concentrate on households from many cultures.

Although relations choices are more assorted as we speak, we also face better macro- level constraints. Our choices are more and more limited, for example, by policies. Economic adjustments typically shape family life and never vice versa.

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Political and authorized institutions also have a major influence on most families in tax laws, welfare reform, and even in defining what a household is. Because laws, public policies, and spiritual teams have an effect on our on a regular basis lives, the writer has framed many discussions of individual choices inside the larger picture of the institutional constraints that restrict our choices.

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Book Details

By: Nijole V. Benokraitis; Cheryl Buehler

Publisher: Pearson

Print ISBN: 9780134720166, 0134720164Print ISBN: 9780134720166, 0134720164

eText ISBN: 9780134736143, 0134736141eText ISBN: 9780134736143, 0134736141

Edition: 9th

Copyright year: 2019

Table of Contents

Marriages & Families Changes, Choices, and Constraints

Brief Contents




Scholarly Work, Comprehensiveness, and Readability

Continuity of Major Themes on the Contemporary Family

What’s New in the Ninth Edition?

Features in the Ninth Edition

Pedagogical Features

Thought-Provoking Features



About the Authors

Chapter 1 The Changing Family

Learning Objectives

What Is a Family?

Some Traditional Definitions of the Family

Some Current Definitions of the Family

How Are Families Similar Worldwide?

Family Functions

Sexual Activity

Procreation and Socialization

Economic Security

Emotional Support

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