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This Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook 4th Edition by Richard Palmer, pdf, free, download, epub, kindle, is intended for students who are studying in college.

With the thickness of the book numbering 960 pages, this book can add to the reader’s insight for the better. Especially after reading, discussions were held with schoolmates.

The publisher of this book is an already experienced company. So that you know how to present the best book to the reader.

The author of this book is a person who has competence in his field. Already several books were written to serve as a guide to studying in college.

Based on the sources we cited, it explains about the synopsis of this book. Here’s the content:

Written by a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) with more than three decades of experience, this resource provides proven planning and scheduling strategies that will take any maintenance organization to the next level of performance. The book resolves common industry frustration with planning and reduces the complexity of scheduling in addition to dealing with reactive maintenance. You will find coverage of estimating labor hours, setting the level of plan detail, creating practical weekly and daily schedules, kitting parts, and more, all designed to increase your workforce without hiring. Much of the text applies the timeless management principles of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Dr. Peter F. Drucker. You will learn how you can do more proactive work when your hands are full of reactive work.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook, Fourth Edition, features more new case studies showing real world successes, a new chapter on getting better storeroom support, major revisions that describe the best KPIs for planning, major additions to the issue of “selling” planning to gain support, revisions to make work order codes more useful, a new appendix on numerically auditing planning success, and a new appendix devoted entirely to selecting a great maintenance planner.

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Table of Content

Cover Page

Title Page

Copyright Page





Preface to First Edition


Prologue: A Day in the Life—Before Implementing a Proper Planning and Scheduling Program

Bill, Mechanic at Delta Ray, Inc., No Planning

Sue, Supervisor at Zebra, Inc., No Planning

Juan, Welder at Alpha X, Inc., Has Planning

Jack, Planner at Johnson Industries, Inc.

Charles, Predictive Maintenance Technician at Beta X, Inc., No Scheduling

1 Why Do Planning (The Business Case and Real Success Stories)

Company Vision

Why Improvement Is Needed in Maintenance

What Planning Mainly Is and What It Is Mainly Not (e.g., Parts and Tools)

Increase Your Workforce Without Hiring

Case Study: The Practical Result of Planning Is Freed-Up Technicians

“World Class” Wrench Time

The Specific Benefit of Planning Calculated for Labor Only

The Specific Benefit of Planning Calculated Beyond Labor: The Ultimate Benefit

Plant Staffing Level


As stated above, the author of this book is a person who has competence in the scientific field. He is Richard (Doc) Palmer, PE, MBA, CMRP.  You can find complete information about her profile on the internet.

Product Details

Language : English

Publisher : McGraw Hill LLC

Book Format : Hardcover

Original Languages : English

Number of Pages : 960

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