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Global Strategic Management 5th Edition by Philippe Lasserre Review PDF Download

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Book Description

Global Strategic Management 5th edition review, pdf, ebook, epub, mobi, free download by Philippe Lasserre and Felipe Monteiro combines both practical and theoretical framework. It’s an excellent work covering the best strategy for global businesses. Students and lecturers can use this book as it suits the needs of beginners. It includes important learning aspects such as numerous sample cases and how to analyze them.

As the newest edition, the readers can enjoy some interesting updates such as more relevant topics and recent events. One of the new topics in this book is the COVID-19 pandemic’s impacts on the business world. The same can be said with the trend of isolationism and the phenomenon of working from home. A specific part of the book also gives special consideration to business functional parts so that readers can better understand their roles.

The Bloomsbury Academic published Global Strategic Management 5th Edition in 2022. Interestingly, it also talks about how the tech world has such a great impact on the economy. The discussions also cover controversial issues like cryptocurrencies and other fintech innovations. However, it also puts an emphasis on humanistic aspects such as the risk of global warming, the role of NGOs, and a sustainable economy.

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Global Strategic Management Fifth Edition comprise of 688 pages with some illustrations in it. The book contains four parts, with each part contains several subjects. The authors arrange the topics orderly from a more generalized theme to a more specific one. The last part is for the conclusion. It explains the trend in globalization and what kind of strategic action is relevant in such scenario.

Philippe Lasserre and Felipe Monteiro are the authors of this book, Global Strategic Management 5th Edition. Prof. P. Lassere is an emeritus academician who has done a lot of research. On the other hand, Prof. F. Monteior is a director of GTCI. Both are experts in their own fields, and both are dedicated writers who are able to explain complex topics to beginners.

Cover Image of Global Strategic Management 5th Edition by Philippe Lasserre PDF Download
Source: Amazon, Canva

As the book quality excels among its kind, it’s not a surprise that people around the world use this book as their learning material. Lecturers from Asia, Europe, and America use this book to teach their students.

If you are also interested in owning this book, you should go to the nearest bookstore. Otherwise, you can also save your time and order it online from websites like Amazon or VitalSource. The price of the Global Strategic Management 5e is around $70 for the paperback and $225 for the hardcover. The e-book is cheaper as it’s only $55, but the free PFD is not available.

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Table of Contents

To find a table of contents for this book, we first search the Walmart website. But on the page does not attach a table of contents.

Then we search for other pages, such as Amazon Books. And the same thing we got, the information on the table of contents of the book by Philippe Lasserre and Felipe Monteiro we did not find.

The work of this book is still new, so it is not easy to find the table of contents.

About of Author

The authors of this book are 2 people. They are scientists who have already created a lot of work for colleges.

Amazon reported a glimpse of them. Check out the information below:

Philippe Lasserre is Emeritus Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.

Felipe Monteiro is Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy, INSEAD, Fontainebleau.

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Where to Buy Books

There are not many marketplaces that sell this book. From our search results, those selling this 5th edition of the book are Amazon and Walmart. You can choose one of the two marketplaces.

To get a low price, you have to buy books at certain moments, such as on black Friday.

There are many payment methods for book purchases that can be used, such as sending money between banks and using credit cards.

Download Link

Many free download links of books are scattered on the internet. The spirit of sharing from internet users to those who need it. They share free books in PDF, Mobi and Epub formats. While the Kindle format is not free because it has to get a license from the Amazon company.

Book publishing companies do not all give permission for their books to be distributed for free on the internet. If there is only a sample in the form of synopsis or resume.

If this book is not found in the free edition of the download, then you must purchase it in the marketplace at the prevailing price.

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Those who are studying the science of strategy and management should read this book. Get this book now by buying it.

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