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Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis 5th Edition by McGee PDF and Free Download

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Book Description

This is information about the book Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis 5th Edition pdf, ebook, mobi, epub, and free download. This is a book written by Steven McGee, MD, a professor emeritus of medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Reportedly, this book is a reliable and up-to-date resource for guidance on physical signs, helping you determine the most appropriate physical findings to confirm a diagnosis. Then, the book incorporates more than 200 new studies, which will provide the best information from what you hear, see, and feel in a patient’s bed.

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The advantage of this book is that it has an easy-to-read outline format, including dozens of “EBM” boxes and illustrations of “EBM rulers” that complement it. There are additional updates to this issue, including new evidence on the scientific value of the Romberg test (spinal stenosis), oximeter paradoxus (cardiac tamponade), platypnea (liver disease), pupil size in red eyes (acute glaucoma), hum test (hearing loss), and more.

For those of you who want to quickly summarize this book, you can do so because the book also begins with a list of Key Teaching Points in each chapter, aimed at readers who want a quick summary and for teachers who make short lessons in patient beds.

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Another plus, the book features a unique online evidence-based calculator that allows readers to easily determine probabilities using probability ratios.

Cover Image of Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis 5th Edition by Steven McGee PDF and Free Download
Source: Amazon

Table of Contents

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Title page

Table of Contents

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Preface to the Fifth Edition

Introduction to the First Edition


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part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1. What is Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis?

Part 2: Understanding the Evidence

Chapter 2. Diagnostic Accuracy of Physical Findings

I Introduction

II Pre-Test Probability

III Sensitivity and Specificity

IV Likelihood Ratios


Chapter 3. Using the Tables in This Book

I Introduction

II Frequency of Findings Tables

III Diagnostic Accuracy Tables (EBM Boxes)

IV Criteria for Selecting Studies Used in Diagnostic Accuracy Tables

V Summarizing Likelihood Ratios

You can get information on the book’s table of contents from the bookseller’s website. We found it from the Vitalsource site. Please go to that page for further table of contents information.

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About the Author

Dr. McGee has a special interest in infectious diseases and evidence-based physical diagnosis. She is also a dedicated educator and has received numerous awards for her achievements in teaching medical students, young doctors, and senior physicians. He also frequently gives lectures and seminars on topics such as Lyme disease, the use of corticosteroids in treating infectious diseases, and the simplification of probability ratios.

Dr. McGee is a respected expert and author in the field of internal medicine. His books have earned praise from critics and readers alike. The Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis 5th Edition is one of the bestsellers in the physical diagnosis category and has been translated into several languages.

Hopefully the author profile information we conveyed can help you understand more about Dr. McGee.

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Product Details

It was published by Elsevier on September 1, 2021 with a fifth edition. The book is written in English and has 720 pages. The ISBN-10 number of this book is 032375483X and the ISBN-13 number is 978-0323754835. The book weighs 1.85 pounds and measures 6 x 0.9 x 8.9 inches.

Where to Buy Books

The book is sold in print and eBook formats. You can buy it from the US Elsevier Health website. The selling price of this book varies depending on the format and location of purchase. For example, on the US Elsevier Health website, the price of a printed book is $74.99, while the price of a VitalSource eBook is $59.99. On the EU Elsevier Health website, the price of a printed book is €64.99, while the price of a VitalSource eBook is €51.99. On the Elsevier Health Australia website, the price of a printed book is AU$ 95.00, while the price of a VitalSource eBook is AU$ 76.00.

This book is intended for anyone interested in evidence-based physical diagnosis, especially for medical students, general practitioners, family physicians, and other specialists. The book is also useful for nurses, medical assistants, physiotherapists, and other health professionals who want to improve their skills in assessing a patient’s physical signs.

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Book Download Link Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis 5th Edition

Many are looking for information on the download link of this book. On this occasion, we tell readers that there are two ways to get the download link. First is the paid way, and second is the free way.

If you want a paid download link, please shop on Amazon, eBay, and others. They offer digital books to their buyers.

For free download links can be searched on the search engine pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The format of free digital books is different, namely in PDF, eBook, mobi, and epub formats. Regarding the availability of digital books, we do not guarantee that free digital books always exist. Because its existence must get permission from the book publisher.

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This book provides valuable insights into how physical findings identify diseases, solve clinical problems, and forecast patient outcomes¹.

We hope this book review helped you understand more about this book. If you have any other questions, please ask a comment in the column provided.

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