Criminology Today: An Integrative Introduction 10th Edition by Frank Schmalleger Review

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This Criminology Today: An Integrative Introduction 10th Edition, pdf, ebook and free download by Frank Schmalleger is a great book for law students to read. Of course other than that you can also read this book. Especially those who work in law enforcement. Continue to be in print and published because many people need this book.

It’s not enough just to read the reviews, so you have to buy it right away. Many students have purchased and obtained useful knowledge.

After reading, they make it a discussion material to broaden their scientific knowledge. The discussion participants were not only students, but also lecturers and the general public who also read this book.

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Book Description

We managed to get a description of the book and you can read it below.

A clear, contemporary, and comprehensive introduction to criminology

With a hallmark theme of social problems versus individual responsibility, Revel™ Criminology Today: An Integrative Introduction prompts students to think critically about the causes of crime and the link between crime theories and policies. Real-life stories and up-to-date issues and examples bring to life both historical and modern criminological approaches. The 10th Edition addresses the poignant question of how security and freedom interface in an age of increasing globalism and provides substantially enlarged coverage of terrorism and cyberterrorism.

Revel is Pearson’s newest way of delivering our respected content. Fully digital and highly engaging, Revel replaces the textbook and gives students everything they need for the course. Informed by extensive research on how people read, think, and learn, Revel is an interactive learning environment that enables students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience — for less than the cost of a traditional textbook. (pearson)

The description is just an introduction for you to immediately buy the Criminology Today tenth edition. But before that, we will present the table of contents.

List of Contents


  1. What Is Criminology — Understanding Crime and Criminals
  2. Where Do Theories Come From? — From Idea to Evidence


  1. Classical and Neoclassical Thought — Choice or Consequences
  2. Early Biological Perspectives on Criminal Behavior — It’s What We Are
  3. Biosocial and Other Contemporary Perspectives — Interaction Is Key
  4. Psychological and Psychiatric Foundations of Criminal Behavior — It’s How We Think


  1. Social Structure Theories — It’s Where and How We Live
  2. Theories of Social Process and Social Development — It’s What We Learn
  3. Social Conflict Theories — It’s How We Relate


  1. Criminal Victimization — It’s Personal
  2. Crimes against Persons — It’s What We Fear
  3. Crimes against Property — It’s What We Lose
  4. White-Collar and Organized Crime — Crime as a Job
  5. Drug and S3x Crimes — Recreational Offenses
  6. Technology and Crime — It’s a Double-Edged Sword
  7. Globalization and Terrorism — Our Small World

EPILOGUE: Future Directions — It’s What’s to Come

Book Details

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Pearson (January 1, 2020)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0135779014

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0135779019

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 2.6 pounds

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In addition to paperback form, digital form is also available, PDF format is the choice of many people. They open PDFs by installing Adobe Reader software. But PDF files are not always there, because there are copyright infringement.

Very lucky those who get it because they don’t spend any more money.

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