Cellular and Molecular Immunology 10th Edition by Abul K Abbas

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Cellular and Molecular Immunology 10th edition, pdf, ebook and download by Abul K. Abbas takes straightforward method to the newest developments on this energetic and fast-altering field. Authors supply sweeping updates on this re-creation to cover antigen receptors and sign transduction in immune cells, mucosal and skin immunity, cytokines, leukocyte-endothelial interaction, and more.

The 10th Ed, Well-written, readable, and superbly illustrated, continues the tradition of excellence established through multiple editions of this bestselling text. Offering an unparalleled introduction to this complex field, it retains a practical, clinical focus while updating and revising all content to ensure clarity and comprehension, bringing readers fully up to date with new and emerging information in this challenging area. It’s an ideal resource for medical, graduate, and undergraduate students, as well as a trusted reference for physicians and scientists.

This tenth edition features updates from cover to cover, including new information on intracellular sensors of innate immunity, therapeutic use of monoclonal antibodies, regulation of migration events during T cell-B cell interactions, regulatory and transcriptional events in germinal center formation, immunology of infectious diseases including coronaviruses, human immunodeficiency disorders, and immunology of HIV.

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– Provides a highly visual, full-color description of the key immunologic and molecular processes with a fully updated, comprehensive, and consistent art program, including many new and extensively revised illustrations.

– Helps readers grasp the details of experimental observations that form the basis for the science of immunology at the molecular, cellular, and whole-organism levels and draw the appropriate conclusions.

– Includes summary boxes that assist with rapid review and mastery of key material.

– Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access multiple-choice questions that correspond to each chapter, plus all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

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Table of Contents

Chapter1 Properties and Overview of Immune Responses

Chapter2 Cells and Tissues of the Immune System

Chapter3 Leukocyte Circulation and Migration into Tissues

Chapter4 Innate Immunity

Chapter5 Antibodies and Antigens

Chapter6 Antigen Presentation to T Lymphocytes and the Functions of MHC Molecules

Chapter7 Immune Receptors and Signal Transduction

Chapter8 Lymphocyte Development and Antigen Receptor Gene Rearrangement

Chapter9 Activation of T Lymphocytes

Chapter 10 Differentiation and Functions of CD4+ Effector T Cells

Chapter 11 Differentiation and Functions of CD8+ Effector T Cells

Chapter 12 B Cell Activation and Antibody Production

Chapter 13 Effector Mechanisms of Humoral Immunity

Chapter 14 Specialized Immunity at Epithelial Barriers and in Immune Privileged Tissues

Chapter 15 Immunologic Tolerance and Autoimmunity

Chapter 16 Immunity to Microbes

Chapter 17 Transplantation Immunology

Chapter 18 Immunity to Tumors

Chapter 19 Hypersensitivity Disorders

Chapter 20 Allergy

Chapter 21 Congenital and Acquired Immunodeficiencies

Appendix I Glossary

Appendix II Cytokines

Appendix III Principle Features of Selected CD Molecules

Appendix IV Laboratory Techniques Commonly Used in Immunology

Book Details

No. of pages: 600

Language: English

Copyright: © Elsevier 2021

Published: 19th February 2021

Imprint: Elsevier

Paperback ISBN: 9780323757492

Paperback ISBN: 9780323757485

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