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Business Law Today 12th Edition by Roger LeRoy Miller Review PDF and Download

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This Business Law Today, Standard: Text & Summarized Cases 12th Edition, pdf, ebook, EPUB, and free download by Roger LeRoy Miller is a must-read for students and entrepreneurs who want to add insight into the world of international business. This book provides a detailed and insightful look at how it can be used to always relate to the dynamics that exist in modern life.

This book is a guiding textbook in higher education that is used by lecturers and students in the teaching and learning process.

The publisher of this book is Cengage Learning. The company released the book to the public on January 1, 2019. There is no update on whether there is a new edition in 2022.

The initial language of the book is English and has been translated into various languages. With a total of 1072 pages, this book is a very complete discussion of business science.

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From the amazon page, we find information regarding the description of this book. Here’s the info:

Interesting, clear, and applied, BUSINESS LAW TODAY: STANDARD EDITION, 12E is the ideal guide to the law and what it means in the business world — from contracts and secured transactions to warranties and government regulations. Easy to understand with an engaging writing style that is matched by vibrant visuals, BUSINESS LAW TODAY: STANDARD EDITION covers contemporary topics that impact not only the business world, but also your life. You examine the financial crisis and its impact on business law, identity theft, immigration law, and diversity issues. Fascinating features and intriguing cases highlight the practicality of the concepts you are learning. In addition, numerous learning support resources provide tools that address various learning styles.

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There is much more information about the reviews and descriptions of this book. You can find it on the internet page if you need it.

About the Author

According to the same source, the author of this book is named Roger LeRoy Miller, Ph.D. Who has already written many book works.

Roger LeRoy Miller, Ph.D. has served on the faculty of several universities, including the University of Washington, Clemson University, and the University of Miami School of Law. As a professor, he has taught intellectual property law and entertainment law, among other subjects.

You can find a complete profile of the author on the internet page or you can directly come to the place where he teaches.

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Table of Content

Contents in Brief



Unit 1: The Legal Environment of Business

Chapter 1: Law and Legal Reasoning

1-1 Business Activities and the Legal Environment

1-2 Sources of American Law

1-3 The Common Law

1-4 Classifications of Law

Appendix to Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Constitutional Law

2-1 The Constitutional Powers of Government

2-2 Business and the Bill of Rights

2-3 Due Process and Equal Protection

2-4 Privacy Rights

Chapter 3: Ethics in Business

3-1 Ethics and the Role of Business

3-2 Ethical Principles and Philosophies

3-3 Sources of Ethical Issues in Business Decisions

3-4 Making Ethical Business Decisions

3-5 Business Ethics on a Global Level

Appendix to Chapter 3: Costco Code of Ethics

Chapter 4: Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution

4-1 The Judiciary’s Role in American Government

4-2 Basic Judicial Requirements

4-3 The State and Federal Court Systems

4-4 Following a State Court Case

4-5 Courts Online

4-6 Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 5: Tort Law

5-1 The Basis of Tort Law

5-2 Intentional Torts against Persons

5-3 Intentional Torts against Property

5-4 Negligence

5-5 Strict Liability

Chapter 6: Product Liability

6-1 Product Liability Claims

6-2 Strict Product Liability

6-3 Defenses to Product Liability

Chapter 7: Intellectual Property Rights

7-1 Trademarks

7-2 Patents

7-3 Copyrights

7-4 Trade Secrets

7-5 International Protections

Chapter 8: Internet Law, Social Media, and Privacy

8-1 Internet Law

8-2 Copyrights in Digital Information

8-3 Social Media

8-4 Online Defamation

8-5 Privacy

Chapter 9: Criminal Law and Cyber Crime

9-1 Civil Law and Criminal Law

9-2 Criminal Liability

9-3 Types of Crimes

9-4 Defenses to Criminal Liability

9-5 Constitutional Safeguards and Criminal Procedures

9-6 Cyber Crime

Unit 2: Contracts and E-Contracts

Chapter 10: Nature and Classification

10-1 An Overview of Contract Law

10-2 Elements of a Contract

10-3 Types of Contracts

10-4 Quasi Contracts

10-5 Interpretation of Contracts

Chapter 11: Agreement

11-1 Offer

11-2 Acceptance

11-3 E-Contracts

11-4 The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act

Chapter 12: Consideration, Capacity, and Legality

12-1 Consideration

12-2 Promissory Estoppel

12-3 Contractual Capacity

12-4 Legality

12-5 The Effect of Illegality

Chapter 13: Defenses to Contract Enforceability

13-1 Mistakes

13-2 Fraudulent Misrepresentation

13-3 Undue Influence and Duress

13-4 The Writing Requirement

13-5 The Parol Evidence Rule

Chapter 14: Third Party Rights and Discharge

14-1 Assignments

14-2 Delegations

14-3 Third Party Beneficiaries

14-4 Contract Discharge

Chapter 15: Breach and Remedies

15-1 Damages

15-2 Equitable Remedies

15-3 Recovery Based on Quasi Contract

15-4 Contract Provisions Limiting Remedies

Unit 3: Commercial Transactions

Chapter 16: Sales and Lease Contracts

16-1 The Scope of Articles 2 and 2A

16-2 The Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts

16-3 Title and Risk of Loss

16-4 Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

Appendix to Chapter 16: An Example of a Contract for the International Sale of Coffee

Chapter 17: Performance and Breach of Sales and Lease Contracts

17-1 Obligations of the Seller or Lessor

17-2 Obligations of the Buyer or Lessee

17-3 Remedies of the Seller or Lessor

17-4 Remedies of the Buyer or Lessee

17-5 Warranties

Chapter 18: Negotiable Instruments

18-1 Formation of Negotiable Instruments

18-2 Transfer of Instruments

18-3 Holder in Due Course (HDC)

18-4 Signature and Warranty Liability

18-5 Defenses, Limitations, and Discharge

Chapter 19: International and Space Law

19-1 International Law

19-2 Doing Business Internationally

19-3 Regulation of Specific Business Activities

19-4 U.S. Laws in a Global Context

19-5 Space Law

Chapter 20: Banking in the Digital Age

20-1 Checks and the Bank-Customer Relationship

20-2 The Bank’s Duty to Honor Checks

20-3 The Bank’s Duty to Accept Deposits

20-4 Electronic Fund Transfers

20-5 Online Banking and E-Money

Chapter 21: Security Interests and Creditors’ Rights

21-1 Creating and Perfecting a Security Interest

21-2 Scope of a Security Interest

21-3 Priorities, Rights, and Duties

21-4 Default

21-5 Other Laws Assisting Creditors

Chapter 22: Bankruptcy

22-1 The Bankruptcy Code

22-2 Chapter 7 – Liquidation

22-3 Chapter 11 – Reorganization

22-4 Bankruptcy Relief under Chapter 13 and Chapter 12

Unit 4: Agency and Employment Law

Chapter 23: Agency Relationships in Business

23-1 Agency Law

23-2 Formation of an Agency

23-3 Duties of Agents and Principals

23-4 Agent’s Authority

23-5 Liability in Agency Relationships

23-6 Termination of an Agency

Chapter 24: Employment, Immigration, and Labor Law

24-1 Employment at Will

24-2 Wages, Hours, and Leave

24-3 Health, Safety, Income Security, and Privacy

24-4 Immigration Law

24-5 Labor Law

Chapter 25: Employment Discrimination

25-1 Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

25-2 Discrimination Based on Age, Disability, or Military Status

25-3 Defenses to Employment Discrimination

25-4 Affirmative Action

Unit 5: Business Organizations

Chapter 26: Sole Proprietorships and Franchises

26-1 Sole Proprietorships

26-2 Franchises

26-3 The Franchise Contract

26-4 Franchise Termination

Chapter 27: All Forms of Partnership

27-1 Basic Partnership Concepts

27-2 Formation and Operation

27-3 Dissociation and Termination

27-4 Limited Liability Partnerships

27-5 Limited Partnerships

Chapter 28: Limited Liability Companies and Special Business Forms

28-1 The Limited Liability Company

28-2 LLC Operation and Management

28-3 Dissociation and Dissolution of an LLC

28-4 Special Business Forms

Chapter 29: Corporations

29-1 Nature and Classification

29-2 Formation and Powers

29-3 Directors and Officers

29-4 Shareholders

29-5 Major Business Forms Compared

Chapter 30: Investor Protection, Insider Trading, and Corporate Governance

30-1 Securities Act of 1933

30-2 Securities Exchange Act of 1934

30-3 State Securities Laws

30-4 Corporate Governance

Unit 6: Government Regulation

Chapter 31: Antitrust Law and Promoting Competition

31-1 The Sherman Antitrust Act

31-2 Section 1 of the Sherman Act

31-3 Section 2 of the Sherman Act

31-4 The Clayton Act

31-5 Enforcement and Exemptions

31-6 U.S. Antitrust Laws in the Global Context

Chapter 32: Consumer and Environmental Law

32-1 Advertising, Marketing, Sales, and Labeling

32-2 Protection of Health and Safety

32-3 Credit Protection

32-4 Protecting the Environment

32-5 Air and Water Pollution

32-6 Toxic Chemicals and Hazardous Waste

Chapter 33: Liability of Accountants and Other Professionals

33-1 Potential Liability to Clients

33-2 Potential Liability to Third Parties

33-3 Liability of Accountants under Other Federal Laws

33-4 Potential Criminal Liability

33-5 Confidentiality and Privilege

Unit 7: Property and Its Protection

Chapter 34: Personal Property and Bailments

34-1 Personal Property versus Real Property

34-2 Acquiring Ownership of Personal Property

34-3 Mislaid, Lost, and Abandoned Property

34-4 Bailments

Chapter 35: Real Property and Landlord-Tenant Law

35-1 The Nature of Real Property

35-2 Ownership Interests and Leases

35-3 Transfer of Ownership

35-4 Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Chapter 36: Insurance, Wills, and Trusts

36-1 Insurance

36-2 Wills

36-3 Trusts

Appendix A: How to Brief Cases and Analyze Case Problems

Appendix B: The Constitution of the United States

Appendix C: The Uniform Commercial Code

Appendix D: Answers to the Issue Spotters

Appendix E: Sample Answers for Business Case Problems with Sample Answer


Table of Cases


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Product details

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Cengage Learning; 12th edition (January 1, 2019)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 1072 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0357038169
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0357038161
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 4.55 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.46 x 1.26 x 10 inches
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