Basic Clinical Neuroscience 4th Edition by Paul A Young

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If you are looking for excellent source for Neuroanatomy courses and the USMLE, this book is the best choice. Basic Clinical Neuroscience 4th Edition, ebook, pdf and download by by Paul A. Young PhD (Author), Paul H. Young (Author), Daniel L. Tolbert PhD (Author) offers medical and other health professions students a clinically oriented description of human neuroanatomy and neurophysiology.

Fourth Edition Young derives from the course syllabus at Saint Louis University Medical school and this book will provide you with deep and lasting understanding of clinical neuroanatomy. This text provides the anatomic and pathophysiologic basis for understanding neurologic abnormalities through concise descriptions of functional systems with an emphasis on medically important structures and clinically important pathways.

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Updated throughout to reflect recent advances in the field, the this features new clinical boxes, over 100 additional review questions, and striking full color artwork.

Features Include:

-Clinical Connection boxes

-Review questions at the end of each chapter and detailed answers in the back of the book

-An entire chapter on locating lesions

-An atlas of myelin-stained sections

-Unique, hand-drawn, full color artwork

-A glossary of key terms.

4e provides clear, detailed coverage of clinically oriented aspects of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology to help medical and health professions students better understand neurological and neurosurgical disorders and prepare for board exams. Through concise descriptions of functional systems, the book helps students understand the anatomic and pathophysiologic basis for neurologic abnormalities. Students have consistently praised the book for its exceptionally clear explanations of concepts.

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